Bob and Debbie Ponticelli, Mission Viejo California

This is story about a dog named Bella, the wonderful experience it was in finding her and the joy she has brought to our lives! It all started with me looking for my future therapy partner. I knew I needed a breed that would work with my allergies, have the right temperament and I wanted a big dog! I was considering a Labradoodle for the longest time but decided to stick with the proven Standard Poodle. This led me to finding Heidi’s Poodles through the AKC breeders. After exploring her website, I knew I had found a good place to start; we shared the same allergy issues, Standard Poodles are part of their family, and her philosophy of God, Family, Friends and Dogs!

Brodie and Nala had just been bred in July 2014 and my husband and I took the 3+ hour trip to meet them and Heidi in person. The whole family gave us such a warm welcome, poodles and all! Brodie and Nala were great! Really calm yet playful, sweet and loving, exactly the traits I was looking for in a therapy partner! During the time Nala was pregnant, Heidi was amazing at responding to my weekly emails and all my puppy questions. On August 20th, 9 puppies were born and Nala was the best loving mommy from the start! At ~3 weeks of age, my husband, mom and sister drove up with me to pick Bella (Sarabi) out of the litter. She was so sweet and continues to be today at 9 months old!

From that point to when we picked her up to bring her home, Heidi continued to be the best communicator sending update emails with pictures of how Bella was doing! When we brought her home, Heidi provided a packet of information and a pink blanket / toy with her litter’s scent on it. The whole family was there to send her off to her new forever home with us! It was a little tearful because Heidi cares so much!

At 3 months old, Bella has changed so much! This picture was after her first grooming appointment!

It’s hard to believe 9 months has already flown by! Bella is a sweet playful loving super smart girl with not a mean bone in her body! Don’t get me wrong, she has tons of energy and wants to play ball all the time! We are making great progress towards our multi level obedience training to achieve our therapy partner goal. She is a rock star! Everyone we meet comments on how beautiful her coloring is (look how dark her color has gotten!), how soft she is and graceful! She is the doggy love of my life!

We made the trip back up to see Heidi, her family, Nala and Brodie. It was so nice seeing everyone and Bella had such a wonderful time!

Thank you Heidi for helping me find my beautiful (Bella) girl and future therapy partner! I look forward to staying in touch and sharing Bella’s adventures. Heidi’s Poodles is our first choice for our poodle family!

Cheryl & Ray

Thank you Heidi for helping me find my beautiful (Bella) girl and future therapy partner! I look forward to staying in touch and sharing Bella’s adventures. Heidi’s Poodles is our first choice for our poodle family!

When last summer we found ourselves down to one 13 year-old dog we knew it was time to find the newest member of our family. Our quest was to find a smart, long lived, non-shed, athletic dog we could love and dote on. Being great dog lovers it was also extremely important we bought from a breeder who doesn’t just breed for profit. A breeder that loves their dogs like family is what we were looking for and that is what we found. We found Heidi’s Poodles through a link on the AKC site suggesting she had pups for sale. “Vitani” (now named Logan) was born August 20, 2014. In seeing the baby pictures (thank you Heidi) on line we thought Logan was the one, however, it is always about personality and connection when we first meet puppies. We scheduled a time to come look at the puppies (a 2 hour drive for us) and it was love at first sight – Logan was the one. We committed instantly. After that, Heidi periodically sent us pictures as Logan was maturing - until we picked her up a few weeks later. The pictures really helped us during those anxious few weeks. We appreciated the breeding practices and standard of quality and environment Heidi adhered to and we are now on a waiting list for a second pup, hopefully early summer.

Logan is our first Standard Poodle, and everything we read about and were hoping for – it’s all true. She is a smart, loving, athletic and playful a dog that we’ve ever owned. For guys, if you’re worried that Standard Poodles are too “fancy” – think again. She roughhouses with my husband like no other puppy before

Eddie in Santa Barbara

Doing an internet search for a breeder can be intimidating. When I found Heidi's Poodles, I examined the website thoroughly and couldn't help but notice the love that this woman has put into these gorgeous animals. I quickly placed a call, and much to my surprise, there was one standard puppy left in the color my family desired. The feeling I got from Heidi on the phone is what sealed my decision to purchase our new family member. It was evident that her heart and soul is in breeding and finding the right home is very important. We have had our boy Eddie now for two weeks and I have to say that he thinks he's human. He has been unusually mellow for a puppy. I had contacted Heidi in regards to his disposition and she said, "Oh I'm sorry, but I treat my puppies like humans." From the day Eddie was born, it has become clear that my first impression with Heidi's Poodles was spot on. Thank you Heidi so very much for our amazing new pooch.

With warm appreciation,
Tim, Jen, Heidi and Hudson.
Santa Barbara, California

Glenda Thomas

2014 was a very sad year for me, but it was also a very happy year as well. Early in the year I had to put down the best dog I have ever had. He was a black standard poodle and I had him for 10 years. Then I found love on the rebound. He is a brown standard poodle and his name is Chin Chin because deep inside he is a party poodle, but it only comes out in a little tuft of white chin hair. He is one of Heidi's wonderful poodles! I found Heidi's website through a link because I live very far to the north in Alberta Canada. I have heard the warnings about buying from people you don't know, but even through the website and the emails I received from Heidi, I could tell she was a woman of character. I chose the puppy through the pictures that Heidi posted on her website. Because he was still so young I was going to have to wait until he was old enough to take a solo plane flight all the way to Canada. And so I began my long distance relationship with Heidi. I truly felt like I was adopting a child from a foreign country. Heidi sent me new photos & even a video of his first solid food. There were pictures of his visit to the vet, and pictures with her sons & the other puppies. I felt like I was becoming a part of her family. She was always patient with my questions and sent me frequent updates. Chin Chin did super on the plane. The system that Heidi uses is great. All you need to remember for Canada, is to have your bill of sale with you for Canada Customs, as they want to get their gst sales tax!! Even there, Heidi came through for us, and emailed us a copy of the sales receipt when we were needing it at the airport. I know this is longer than it should be, but I wanted anyone looking at Heidi's site to realize that they should have no worries about thinking about getting a puppy from her. In this picture Chin Chin is 9 months old and loving life.

Jeannette and Bill, Parents of Bailey age 9 mo

We experienced total professionalism and integrity from our first phone contact through Bailey's arrival cross country via Delta airlines to Northeastern Pa. This gorgeous standard parti boy lives up to his excellent heritage as to beauty,intelligence, temperament as well as a sweet and loving disposition.

Karla Wall

Heidi, As you can see he has grown into quite a handsome boy. I think being born in a family setting like yours where you gave individual personal attention to both your adult dogs and puppies helped make Remy a very friendly dog who loves both adults and children. I tell Remy “His life is like a bowl of cherries and he did not get any of the pits.”

Lisa Pollard

In November 2014, I took home my puppy, Cooper, from Heidi’s Poodles. I had done research of breeders online and stumbled upon Heidi’s Poodles. What stuck with me most was that these dogs were first and foremost, family dogs. I talked to Heidi on the phone and she was very open about any questions I had: health checks on the parents, temperament of the puppy and the parents, etc. I put a deposit down on Cooper (formerly Sheik) and went to meet him a few days later. The entire family was very welcoming. I was able to meet both parents and a couple other puppies that were still there. All the paperwork was very thorough and I received a folder to register him with the AKC. Heidi mentioned what type of food they were feeding (and gave me a bag to go home with) but at no point was it said I needed to feed that particular brand of food nor were there any conditions to do certain things with my puppy (ie. not neuter until such and such age, etc. which I know happens a lot from breeders…) As a veterinary technician, it was important to me to find a reputable breeder and I think I found just that! I’ve kept in touch with Heidi and when I needed some advice, she was quick to respond. I even got a Christmas card from the family! I’m in love with my Cooper. Thank you Heidi’s Poodles!!

Zionsville, Indiana

My name is Sir Oliver North (aka, Rafiki), Born on August 20th 2014. Nala and Brodie are my parents. My mom and dad adopted me from Heidi’s Poodles! It is an awesome place to come from because the Fowlers are a loving and caring family! So, I got the best of the best and when I was sent to my new mommy she could tell I was loved!! I went to a town in Indiana called Zionsville. When I arrived, my new owner found me clean, healthy, and I had my very own blue puppy blanket and blue baby puppy toy! I hope I can hear from my brothers and sisters in the coming years.