Heidi's Poodles

Heidi's Poodles - Family Photo

Welcome to Heidi's Poodles!

My name is Heidi Fowler. My passion for poodles started back when I was ten years old. I grew up with animals (cows, goats, pigs, chickens, cats and dogs) but was never able to get too close to many of them because of allergies. That changed however when my parents bought me my first miniature poodle. She was the first pet that I could have near me that didn't land me in the E.R. And so, I had her with me all of the time. I realized right away how smart she was and how easy she was to train. As I grew older I knew that one day I would like to own a standard poodle, and now I own five! My standards are everything that my miniature was with one added bonus. From my experience with dogs I have found the smaller the dog the 'snappier' they tend to be. They generally prefer adults to children as little ones tend to be a bit more threatening to them. The larger the poodle, I have found, is more patient and protective of children. This is a huge plus to me as I have young children and very young nieces and nephews. I am never afraid for my standards to be around them. I live in Taft, a small town in Southern California with my husband, Brian and three of my five children. Our two oldest have grown and moved out but our family has grown as we added our standards. Please check out our gallery photos which includes all members of both our human and canine members.

Our Philosophy

God, Family, Friends & Dogs

We believe that God put animals here for us and that we should respect them. Although our human family members will always come before our canine ones, we make sure that our dogs receive the best. Healthy food, treats, a clean place to live, grooming, toys to play with and exercise both their bodies and minds, health care, training and of course tons of love, time and attention. We believe that each dog, just like humans are born with a unique personality and yes, talents. Our goal as breeders is to strive to produce healthy, happy, handsome standard poodle puppies with wonderful temperaments. This is why our adult dogs are health tested. They are from well researched lines. Our puppies are socialized from birth with both people and other dogs. They are played with, groomed and cared for from an early age. Our puppies are whelped and raised in our home to insure a clean, healthy start in life. All of this produces wonderful standard poodle puppies and is why in every Heidi's Poodles litter a star is born!